Arroyo Rojo Park Features Midsize Homes

Arroyo Rojo is a neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona that features midsize homes and has been developing since 1997. If you are thinking about purchasing a home in Arroyo Rojo, it is a great idea to check out the current Maponics school attendance zone boundaries. The boundaries are subject to change. A great place to also visit is.

Arroyo Rojo Park

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Arroyo Rojo Park is home to mid-size homes. The community was developed in 1997 and continues to grow. Arroyo Rojo has a variety of amenities, including a playground and interpretive signage. It also features a large outdoor classroom and gathering spaces.


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Homes for sale

When searching for homes for sale in Arroyo Rojo Park, AZ, you will find a variety of options. This neighborhood offers a mix of midsize homes. The area was originally developed in 1997 and has continued to grow and evolve since then. The area is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Listing data on this site is obtained from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service. It is based on data provided by participating Brokers and does not constitute the whole listing inventory. In addition, listing information may not reflect all activity in the market. Therefore, if you are searching for homes in this neighborhood, make sure to check with the listing brokers.

Before the development of the neighborhood, people platted land on the outskirts of Phoenix. A typical lot size was fifty or sixty feet by 140 feet. Lots of this size were typically rectangular and oriented according to a rectilinear street plan. This alignment was tied to the desire to avoid facing the west into the sun. This meant that the porches of these homes would be in shade during the afternoon. Next Page.

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