How to Travel to Mariposa Park Arizona From Phoenix United States

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Mariposa Park is an excellent choice for your next Arizona adventure. You’ll love the park’s amenities, proximity to downtown Phoenix, and numerous attractions. You’ll love the unique design of its quaint lodges. The resorts are surrounded by lush greenery and are ideal for family outings. The park is also a great place to enjoy a day or weekend with friends. Read Much More About Phoenix.


Mariposa Park is a park located in Phoenix, Arizona. Located on West Morten Avenue, the park is close to Circle K and 15023. It is also close to the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, which was established in 1982. The Islamic Community Center is located at 7516 North Black Canyon Highway, about 1 mile from Mariposa Park. The city of Alhambra is two miles south of Mariposa Park.

The park has a large playground area and tennis courts, and there are also a couple of baseball fields. There are plenty of areas for children to run around, and there are butterflies to observe. However, there are far too many soccer players.

Distance from Las Vegas

If you’re planning a road trip from Las Vegas to Mariposa Park, Arizona, you’ll need to know the distance from Las Vegas to Mariposa Park. The distance is not very long, but the journey will require a few stops. In addition, you’ll need to allow for time for security lines, waiting at the gate, and the actual flight.

If you’re driving from Phoenix, you’ll want to plan a detour along the scenic AZ-87 road outside of Phoenix. The road winds through a saguaro cactus forest, and is very photogenic. Visit This Link.


Mariposa Park is an urban park located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is close to many shopping centers and restaurants. It is also home to the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, which was founded in 1982. It is located on 7516 North Black Canyon Highway. Nearby, residents can also find the Alhambra urban village, which is 2 miles east of Mariposa Park.

Among the health providers located nearby is Banner Estrella Medical Center. Other hospitals in the area include Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center and Valleywise Behavioral Health Center Maryvale. Retailers in the area include Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and Walmart. Dental care is also available nearby at Estrella Dentistry, Risas Dental and Braces, and Aspen Dental.

Travel time

There are several ways to travel to Mariposa Park Arizona from Phoenix United States. You can start by taking a flight from Phoenix, AZ to Los Angeles, CA. Then, you can take a train. Most trains have Wi-Fi, so you can stream music or use the internet to keep up with your social networking. You can also download TV shows or movies ahead of time, which will make your trip go by faster.

If you choose to take a train, you can get there from Los Angeles in about nine hours. The train travels only twice daily, so you’ll need to make sure to pack light. Make sure you bring carry-on luggage if you’re traveling by train from Los Angeles. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for transferring your checked baggage. Click for more info.

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