If you are considering a divorce or are already in the midst of one, you know that the process can be emotionally and financially draining. The decisions you make during this time will have a lasting impact on your future, so it is important to choose an attorney who has the experience and qualifications to protect your interests.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss ten qualities you should look for in a family law attorney. So if you’re considering filing for divorce, or if you just need help navigating the legalities of a family law issue, here are ten qualities to look for in an attorney.

What is a Family Law Attorney?

A family law attorney is a lawyer who specializes in legal matters involving family relationships, such as divorce, adoption, child custody and support, alimony, and domestic violence. Family law attorneys assist clients with understanding their rights and obligations arising out of these family-related issues.

They also provide advice on navigating the court system and resolving disputes between parties. A family law attorney can help parties reach an amicable resolution to their issues and protect their rights in the process. In addition, a family law attorney can provide legal representation if necessary to pursue a favorable outcome for the client.

The specific services provided by a family law attorney vary depending on the individual’s needs. For example, someone facing divorce may need assistance negotiating a fair settlement, while another person may need help drafting a prenuptial agreement. A family law attorney can provide valuable advice and guidance during these emotionally charged times.
Qualities to look for in a Family Law Attorney

When searching for a family law attorney, it is important to find an experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable about the complexities of family law and can provide sound legal advice. Here are ten qualities to look for in a family law attorney:

1. Knowledge of the law

A family law attorney should have a comprehensive understanding of the state and federal laws that apply to any case they take on. This knowledge will help them to better advise their clients on the best course of action for their situation.

They should also be aware of any changes in the law that may impact the outcome of the case. A family law lawyer should be able to explain the law’s implications and provide accurate legal advice.

2. Experience

A quality family law attorney should have considerable experience representing clients in areas such as divorce, spousal support, child custody, child support, and other family law matters. If a lawyer has been in practice for several years, he or she will be better able to anticipate potential problems that may arise during the proceedings.

Also, experienced attorneys are more likely to have a good grasp of the laws governing family matters and be familiar with the legal strategies that are used in similar cases. As important as experience is, make sure your lawyer has been practicing specifically in family law for at least five years.

3. Affordability

It’s important to find an attorney who is willing to work with your budget. Look for lawyers who offer payment plans and flexible fee structures that meet your financial needs without sacrificing the quality of their services.

Ask about all fees upfront, so you are aware of any potential surprises down the line. A family lawyer should be able to explain how they bill and what their rates are at the outset of your consultation. Knowing the total cost can help you make the best decision for your family’s financial health.

4. Rapport

When seeking a family law attorney, it is important to find someone who you can connect with and build trust. Good communication skills are essential, as an effective attorney should be able to explain complex legal concepts in layman’s terms.

Additionally, make sure the attorney takes the time to get to know you and your case. It is important to find someone you feel comfortable talking to and who genuinely cares about your situation. family law lawyers should strive to understand their client’s unique needs and tailor their advice accordingly.

5. Honesty

When you’re dealing with the sensitive and highly-emotional issues that family law deals with, having a lawyer who remains honest and trustworthy is essential. It can be daunting to share personal information with someone outside your family, so it’s important to make sure your attorney isn’t just out for their interests. Find family lawyers who communicate openly and honestly with you about the case, and ensure that your best interests are taken into account.

6. Team player

A family law attorney must be willing to work as part of a team. This means they should be open to the advice and input of other team members, even if their views sometimes differ. They should also have good communication skills so that everyone can work together effectively and efficiently. Team player attorneys also recognize and respect the roles of other team members, such as paralegals and legal assistants, who play an integral part in a successful outcome.

7. Creativity

You’ll want a family law attorney who is creative in their approach to your case. A creative lawyer can find creative solutions and come up with strategies that could give you the edge over the other party. A truly effective, successful family law attorney will bring new perspectives and ideas to your case that can help you reach a better outcome than if you had gone it alone.

A family law practice with a creative lawyer is one that you can trust to achieve the best results possible. If you’re looking for an attorney to represent you in family law proceedings, make sure they have the creativity to help you get the best results.

8. Passion

Developing a positive relationship with your attorney is important. An experienced family law lawyer should be passionate about protecting your rights and advocating for the best outcome in your case. This passion should be evident in their communication and interactions with you.

If your lawyer is apathetic about your case, it could have a serious impact on the outcome of your family law matter. The ideal lawyer should have a clear commitment to your success and be willing to go the extra mile for you. Passion should show in their client-centered approach to legal representation.

9. Writing skills

Lawyers are expected to write persuasive briefs and arguments, so it’s important to find an attorney with excellent writing skills. Ask to review a sample of their writing to assess their proficiency in this area. Writing skills are essential for family law attorneys because they will be responsible for presenting your case in court.

The attorney’s writing skills will heavily influence the outcome of your case, so it’s important to make sure the lawyer you choose is capable in this area. A good lawyer should also be able to explain complex legal matters in plain language so that you can understand them.

10. Availability

The availability of an attorney is an important quality to consider when selecting a family law lawyer. The attorney should be easy to reach and respond quickly to your inquiries. They should schedule meetings at convenient times for both you and them so that any legal proceedings can move forward expediently.

If your attorney is often difficult to contact or takes days to respond, it can significantly impede the progress of your case. Seek an attorney who is available and responsive when needed.

Finding the right family law attorney for you can be a challenge, but it is essential to ensure that your legal matters are in good hands. Consider the qualities listed above when selecting an attorney to represent you to achieve the best outcome possible. With the right lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that your case is in capable hands. Contact us today to learn more about our family law services and how we can help you.


Hiring a family law attorney is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. When considering a legal professional, it is important to consider the ten qualities discussed above. The right attorney can help make the process of filing for a divorce or sorting out issues such as child custody and support much easier and less stressful. Trust, competence, experience, communication skills, and a willingness to fight for the client’s best interest are all important qualities to consider.