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Bankruptcy is not the answer for everyone.

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    Every client matters.  That’s why we answer the phone every day to help you when you have time to talk about your debt. We can file a bankruptcy petition the same day or over the phone. There has never been an easier debt solution.

  • Direct Attorney Relationship

    You talk directly and individually to your bankruptcy attorney. Always. There are no paralegals between you and your bankruptcy lawyer, in the office or over the phone.  You will get answers to help you with your debt directly from the attorney.

  • Free Consultation, Best Price

    Bankruptcy is not always the right answer.  The free consultation will help you decide.  And it’s FREE!  We guarantee the best price in town.  We match any other bankruptcy attorney quote, no questions asked.

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There are many options for
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So, why should you hire our team?
So, why should you hire
our team?

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from start to finish

work directly with an experienced bankruptcy attorney

from start to finish

With many bankruptcy law offices, you will meet with a paralegal.  This is a problem.  The paralegal cannot give legal advice and cannot represent you if something goes wrong.  With the severe penalties possible for a bad bankruptcy filing, you need to work with the person that can represent you.  You might not even see your attorney before the 341 creditor meeting.

Worse yet, paralegals often get between the client and the attorney.  If you call your attorney, you should talk to your attorney.  The paralegal may take a message or promise to get back to you, but we believe you are worth more than that.

At Wantafreshstart Bankruptcy Lawyers, you work directly with your bankruptcy attorney from start to finish.  You will work with your attorney from the free initial consultation through filing the bankruptcy petition, 341 creditors meeting, and any other hearings like a 2004 exam.

You need your attorney to consider whether bankruptcy is the right decision for you.  This is a personal decision.  Get real legal advice, for free.

We Guarantee It

100% Guarantee

We Guarantee It

We promise an unbeatable customer experience.  From open communication seven days a week to a personal relationship with your bankruptcy lawyer, we provide the best price and the best customer service.

We are on your side.  We guarantee our commitment.  We will do everything we can to help you, personally, legally, and ethically, to get out of debt.  If we make an error that causes the bankruptcy court to not accept your filing, we will fix it to your satisfaction, or we will refund 100% of your money, including the filing fee!

Free Consultation

Best Price

Free Consultation

Bankruptcy is unfamiliar to most.  Considering whether it is the right decision for you and your family is personal and difficult.  You need someone you can trust to give you good advice.

Bankruptcy is not always the right decision.  But if you are considering it, get some good advice.  We have a free initial consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  You can consider and discuss your debt to decide whether bankruptcy is for you.  If not, the free consultation will help you decide.

We guarantee the best price in town.  We believe the quoted fees will be the lowest price in town.  If they are not, even if someone is having a promotion, we match any other bankruptcy attorney quote, no questions asked.

Every Client Matters

You Matter

Every Client Matters

Every person you talk with at Wantafreshstart Bankruptcy Lawyers is obsessed with customer service.  This includes the attorneys, the professional debt counselors, and anyone associated with us.  We demand it.  You will receive nice, friendly, helpful advice, with no runaround.  From your first phone call to our offices and throughout your proceedings, you will find our staff friendly, knowledgeable, respectful, and accessible. We take pride in giving our clients a positive experience they can use to catapult them into their future.  We are dedicated to each and every client.  We are dedicated to you.

Firms operating during normal business hours may be giving themselves a nice work week, but what about their clients? Many who enlist our services work a standard schedule and are therefore either unable to meet during the weekdays or are highly inconvenienced by it. For this reason, we are open seven days a week. That means your questions and concerns are dealt with promptly, and our meetings are set around your schedule.