Sharlot Hall Museum

The Sharlot Hall Museum is an educational center that fosters appreciation for Arizona’s history, especially the Central Highlands. It features nine buildings, including the 1863 Fort Misery, the 1864 Territorial Governor’s Mansion, and the 1875 Fremont House. It also features a replica of an 1867 schoolhouse and a museum gift shop. Read on to learn more.

Historical buildings

The Sharlot Hall Museum is a historical open-air museum. It was established in 1928 by Sharlot M. Hall and was originally the Gubernatorial Mansion Museum and Central Highlands Museum. Today, it is home to a collection of over 70 historical buildings. Among these are the Gubernatorial Mansion and Central Highlands Museum. The museum has many hands-on exhibits, and visitors will enjoy exploring the many historic buildings.

The museum is located at 415 West Gurley Street. It is open daily from 10AM to 4PM. There are special events and lectures planned on a regular basis.


The Sharlot Hall Museum is a historic open-air museum. It was founded in 1928 by Sharlot M. Hall and was formerly called the Central Highlands Museum and the Gubernatorial Mansion Museum. It is free to visit. It houses an extensive collection of natural and cultural history.

The museum has several exhibit buildings. The Lawler Exhibit Center was built in the 1970s. The Transportation Building, built in 1937, houses the museum’s rolling stock. There is also the School House, which was built in 1868 as a replica of the first school in Prescott. The Museum also has an extensive collection of rare books and original documents.

Native American art market

The Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott, Arizona is a must-see for any art lover. It is an open-air museum that was founded by Sharlot M. Hall in 1928 as the Central Highlands Museum and Gubernatorial Mansion Museum. The museum features an extensive collection of Native American art and crafts.

The museum hosts over 100 Native American artists, making it one of the best in the country. The exhibitions showcase a wide variety of art forms, including sculpture, textiles, acrylics, oils, silverwork, and sandpainting. Visitors can also enjoy demonstrations by artists who make baskets, kachina dolls, and hammered silver.


If you are interested in history, the Sharlot Hall Museum Prescott, Arizona Library will be of great interest to you. This historical landmark houses thousands of maps, photographs, and books. You’ll be able to explore many historical topics and learn more about the history of Arizona. In addition, you’ll be able to explore the museum’s extensive archives.

The SHMRC’s reference section contains several collections devoted to genealogy. It also houses genealogical resources, historical documents, and historical district materials. You can also browse through a variety of collections relating to local mining history.


The Arizona History Library houses thousands of books, maps and photographs. You can browse these materials at your leisure. The archives include the history of Arizona and the Southwest, as well as the region’s history. Thousands of people have accessed the archives to find out more about their history.

The Sharlot Hall Museum is an educational center for the general public, fostering an appreciation of Arizona and its central Highlands region. The Museum consists of nine buildings, including Arizona’s 1863 Fort Misery, the Territorial Governor’s Mansion, the Fremont House, and the Transportation Building. The Museum also features a replica of an 1867 schoolhouse, as well as an extensive museum gift shop. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

Open in June, July, August and September

The Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott, AZ is a great place to visit during your trip to the area. This open-air museum was opened in 1928 by Sharlot M. Hall as a museum of Central Highlands and Gubernatorial Mansion. Today, the museum is open for visitors to enjoy. In addition to its indoor exhibits, it also offers a variety of outdoor activities.

The museum is open in the summer months, so if you can visit during those months, you can avoid the crowds and make the most of your visit. Located in downtown Prescott, the museum has many cool displays of local artwork, including sculptures, gems, and stylish western wear.

Founded by a trailblazing woman

The Sharlot Hall Museum Prescott AZ was established to honor the woman who helped to shape the state’s history. Sharlot Mabridth Hall was the first woman elected to political office in Arizona Territory. After her death in 1943, the Prescott Historical Society decided to dedicate the building to her memory. Hall was a self-taught literate woman who grew up in the prairies and Comanche country of present-day Arizona. She loved ideas and was fascinated with the pioneering life.

In 1909, Sharlot was appointed Historian for the Arizona Territory by Territorial Governor Richard E. Sloan, who appointed her to fill the vacancy. She traveled the state collecting historical and cultural relics and listening to the stories of cowboys, Native Americans, and miners. She also collected poems and composed her first book, Cactus and Pine: Songs of the Southwest. Up next is White Spar Campground.


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